Last week I posted a question on my Facebook page:

What are your biggest challenges and frustrations when it comes to fitness and nutrition?

One of the responses that I got was “lack of motivation”.  This is a pretty common challenge.

But is motivation really a requirement to take action?

Take a few minutes to think about it…

The Motivation Myth

When it comes to lifestyle change, athletic pursuits, getting fit, or body transformations, most people assume that they need to be motivated to workout and make better food choices.

Many of them also believe that successful people are permanently motivated.

They assume that motivation will inspire them to take action and then that will lead to results.

Well I’ve got news for you…

There is no such thing as permanent motivation. It comes and goes.  And some days, motivation will be nonexistent.

Action Leads To Motivation

We often assume that motivation — or a particular mental state — comes before action.

That’s true sometimes, but most of the time — it’s not.

The reality is:  You don’t need motivation to have good habits and action almost always precedes motivation.

You don't need motivation to workout and eat well.

In fact, what most often differentiates successful people from unsuccessful ones isn’t motivation, it’s consistent action.

Successful people find a way to take action even when they’re totally not feeling it.

So regardless of what is you want to achieve — be it gaining superhero level strength, losing body fat, competing in an athletic event, or something completely unrelated to health and fitness — the solution is to take immediate action.

Do something that will move you closer to your goal.  It doesn’t matter how small that action is, as long as it pushes you in the right direction.

Take action today, even if you don’t feel like it.

Because the results that you’ll achieve from taking action, consistently, will probably spark the motivation that you’ve been searching for.

What often kills motivation for people is overwhelm.  They feel so overwhelmed by all of the changes that they think they need to make that it makes the freeze, and it keeps them in a state of inaction.  One of the best ways to overcome this is to focus on ONE small change at a time and then build on that.

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