“For me, the biggest gain has been my dramatic increase in strength…”
-Joelle K.

I have been training with Lyndsey through her online coaching program since the fall of 2014.  Prior to this, I had always been an avid gym-goer and considered myself to be in good shape.

When I began with Lyndsey, I immediately loved the programs that she wrote for me.  They focused on full body strength and conditioning rather than the traditional “upper body” and “lower body” splits.  Her workouts have challenged me, kept me from getting bored of my fitness routine, and moved me well beyond the plateaus I had been experiencing.

For me, the biggest gains from having Lyndsey as my online coach have been my dramatic increases in strength and endurance.  I was also able to put on muscle, which made me not only look great, but feel even better.

I have continued to work with Lyndsey throughout my pregnancy.  As I write this, I’m currently 5-weeks from my due date.  I’m still able to workout and I’ve maintained my muscle mass.

Because of my solid strength foundation prior to becoming pregnant, I have been able to continue to lift comfortably with the modifications that Lyndsey has provided.

Lyndsey is very knowledgeable, professional, and truly wants to help each of her clients in the pursuit of their goals.  She has tailored her programming specifically to me and has adapted it to my changing needs.

I’m looking forward to continuing my training with Lyndsey after my baby is born!

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