“With Lyndsey, I discovered my love for weight training…”
-Jean M.

After working with Lyndsey in-person for over a year, I decided to sign-up for one of her 6-month online challenges.  At first, I wasn’t sure if online coaching was for me, so I combined the online program with in-person coaching 3 times per week.

Lyndsey’s online nutrition lessons that outline how / why / what to eat are awesome!  I looked forward to reading them everyday and they changed my whole outlook about eating and dieting.  What an eye opener!  I now have a much different view of food and what it means to my body.  It’s a view that’s much healthier.

I have never been one to shy away from physical fitness, but I have always struggled with my weight, or at least my perception of what I should weigh.  I used to use exercise as a way to compensate for the things I ate or drank.  I loved food.  I loved beer.  And I still do.  But now, with the tools that Lyndsey has given me, I make better decisions, most of the time, and I no longer feel like a “failure” when I slip up.

Lyndsey has also helped me prioritize the things that are most important to me.  I loved how she would turn the question around on me when I was looking for answers or struggling with things that I thought were out of my control.  She helped me think and problem-solve for myself and she helped me recognize what was within my power to control and what wasn’t.

I’m a runner, a triathlete, a golfer, and curler.  I used to view weight training as something that was impossible to do on my own, even though I understood that it was important for my sports performance.  With Lyndsey, I discovered my love for weight training.

At first, she designed me workouts that I could do at home in a small space with only a few dumbbells.  They were great workouts and they helped build my confidence!  Now, I’m working on expanding my home gym.  And in the meantime, Lyndsey has designed programs that allow me to workout at home or at the gym.  She has always customized my workouts to my needs, my schedule, and the equipment I have available to me.

I’m no longer able to workout with Lyndsey in-person, now that she lives so far away, but I’m glad that I can still work with her through her online program.  I’m so proud of myself now, because I’m able to lift on my own and it was something I never saw myself doing for the longest time.

I will be 57-years-old this year (gulp), but thanks to Lyndsey, I feel strong and able.  I have also lost weight and inches.  I enjoy the recognition that others give me for my hard work, but I react differently to it now, because I understand that it’s my own opinion of myself that is the important one.  What I take the most pride in though, is how differently I think about, act on, and react to all of the things that life throws my way.

Lyndsey has reinforced the fact that health and fitness is a life-long journey and she has given me the confidence to know that I can stay on track.  I will continue to workout, eat healthy, and go as far as my body and mind can take me.

I have noticed that many people think aging means getting old and weak.  With my journey, I hope to inspire them to change their opinions of aging.  It’s never too late and I don’t plan on ever giving up my strength!

Thank you Lyndsey for guiding me into the light.

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