“Lyndsey gave me the tools, guidance, and support to chase all the PRs my heart desired…”
-Alice L.

As a health and fitness junkie, I am always hungry for my next PR (personal record), constantly challenging my body to see what I am capable of. Thanks to Lyndsey, she gave me the tools, guidance and support to chase all the PRs my heart desired.

I have had the pleasure of training with some of the most talented health professionals around, and bar none – Lyndsey Desjardins provides a coaching/training experience that is unrivaled to anyone else.  In an unregulated industry where any body can brand themselves as fitness gurus, Lyndsey’s dynamic coaching style boasts the winning combination of education, experience and groundbreaking training concepts. With Lyndsey in your arsenal, your wildest fitness goal is a lot closer in reach than you’d think – would you believe me if I said you’d have fun doing it? Bonus.

As I had to relocate, I transitioned from being a private client to a distance client. I had my fears about the potential negative impact that my training progression would have, now that I am unable to train with Lyndsey 3x a week. However, with Lyndsey’s personalized program and consistent follow-up assessments I was able to maintain my momentum. She won’t let you fail.

Lyndsey has changed my life. She has optimized every aspect of my training – from the warm-up, nutrition, down to preventative measures. Train smart. Train with Lyndsey. You won’t regret it.

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