“After completing my program, I was able to do more athletically,
than I had been able to in a long time…”

                                                                                                                 — Carolyn A.
Testimonials - Carolyn

When I approached Lyndsey about designing a program for me, I had been dealing with back and knee pain for years.  

Frequent back spasms and debilitating lower back pain weren’t uncommon for me.  Most exercise led to knee pain, as I have chondromalacia patella from years of running.

Lyndsey assessed me and developed a 12-week, progressive training program and dynamic warm-up for me.  It was laid out very clearly and was easy to follow.

After a few weeks, I started to notice that my knee wasn’t bothering me as much.  And my back was no longer going into spasm.

Since completing the program, I’m happy to report that my knee and back pain are gone.  I feel like I’m able to do so much more athletically, than I’ve been able to do in a long time.

I would recommend Lyndsey to to anyone looking to get in shape and NOT get hurt in the process.  

She has extensive knowledge of the human body and how it works.  And she’s able to apply that knowledge to a flawless program design.