“Lyndsey gave me the tools, guidance, and support to chase all the PRs my heart desired…”

                                                                                                                 — Alice L.

As a health and fitness junkie, I’m always hungry for my next PR (personal record).  I like to constantly challenge my body to see what I’m capable of.  

Thanks to Lyndsey, I have all the tools, guidance, and support I need to chase all the PRs my heart desires.

I have had the good fortune of training with some of the most talented health professionals around.  I can confidently say that Lyndsey Desjardins provides a coaching experience, bar none.  Her talent is unrivalled.  

Lyndsey sets herself apart in this unregulated industry where anyone can brand themselves as a fitness guru.  

Her dynamic coaching style boasts the winning combination of education, experience, and awareness of groundbreaking training concepts.

With Lyndsey as part of your training arsenal, even your wildest fitness goals are within reach.  And the bonus…You’ll have a ton of fun working toward them.

I’ve had to relocate, so I’ve transitioned from being a private client to a distance client.  At first, I had fears about the potentially negative impact of not being able to train with Lyndsey three times a week might have on my training progress.  However, with Lyndsey’s personalized program and consistent follow-up I’ve been able to maintain my momentum.

She hasn’t let me fail.  And she won’t let your fail either.

Lyndsey has changed my life.  She has optimized every aspect of my training – from the warm-up and nutrition, down to injury prevention.  She’s taught me to train smart.

Train with Lyndsey, you won’t regret it.