I'm Lyndsey Desjardins...Founder of LDFC Inc. and
Formidable Female Fitness.

My own journey of self discovery as a competitive
athlete has lead me to a full time career in fitness
and nutrition coaching.

And I'm on a mission to help women change the
way they think about training, eating, and their

This mission is the driving force behind everything that I do...from coaching my clients to blogging and creating healthy, whole food recipes.

I believe that being strong, healthy and happy comes from establishing and balancing 4 key elements:

  • Smart strength training
  • Eating nourishing foods
  • Shifting to a more positive mindset
  • Prioritizing recovery and self-care

This journey looks different for everyone, so I created this website to help you find your path to the best and strongest version of yourself.

My Own Journey Of Self-Discovery...

If you're like me - or many of the clients that I've worked with - then you might know what it's like to diet obsessively, punish yourself in the gym or associate your self-worth with a certain bodyweight or dress size.

For much of my career as a competitive athlete I dieted, avoided long lists of foods, and pushed myself through gruelling training sessions.  I focused on nothing but fixing my flaws, having to be better and hating how my body looked.

What did all of that get me? …Injuries, poor performance, disordered eating habits, negative self-image, stress, and an autoimmune disorder.

Thankfully, I was able to let go of my obsession with the numbers.  I learned how to use training and nutrition to enhance my performance — and my life. Now, I appreciate my body not just for how it looks, but for what it’s capable of.

It was this journey that sparked my passion for helping other female athletes do the same. That’s what this website is about. Eating and training in a way that’s enjoyable and sustainable, yet results-driven.

On my blog and social media accounts, you’ll find empowering fitness, nutrition, recovery, and mindset tips to help you reach your goals.

Education and Credentials

• Masters of Science in Sports Medicine
• Honours Bachelor of Health Sciences
• Honours B.A. in Kinesiology
• Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
• Certified Olympic Lifting Coach
• Precision Nutrition Level 1 and Level 2

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